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Magic Bus Boarding Pass

Welcome to the Bus!

Thank you for your interest in joining our Carnivore Clan. Grin

If you would like to board the Bus, please carefully read the following thread:

Then take the test (below) in this thread.

Please email with the answers to the test.


Put RED PILL as the SUBJECT of your email.

Put your Username in the MESSAGE of your email.

Put your answers in the MESSAGE of your email like this: ABCDBA

If you already have an account on the Bus, please do not apply for another one. You are free to change your Username at anytime. If you are having trouble logging in, please reply to and let us know what your original Username is and we will help you get logged in.

Thanks and have a good trip. Cool

The Magic Bus Trip
Never get off the Bus!

Nutrition, health, and exercise forum for a carnivorous way of eating


Can you pass the acid test?

1) The Magic Bus Trip is a

a) dating service owned by Rupert Murdoch
b) free, volunteer run forums board
c) cult started by Bear and Ken Kesey
d) mind control experiment conducted by the CIA

2) The Magic Bus Trip is a support site for

a) Carnivores
b) Low Carb Vegans
c) LSD Users
d) Everyone on the Internet

3) Challenges to a carnivorous way of eating are

a) fun and entertaining, and may get us a spot on Jerry Springer
b) allowed as long as you can prove everything you say
c) known to create an atmosphere of harmony on the Bus
d) not appropriate

4) Subjects which are divisive or distracting from the main purpose of the board

a) are fine if you are attempting to hijack the Bus
b) help us realize just how hard it is to stick to the path
c) will not be tolerated
d) go against our religion

5) Which of these statements is true?

a) There is no official health or medical advice on the Bus.
b) For health or medical advice, you've come to the right place, provided you have insurance.
c) The Bus can be sued for giving out health or medical advice.
d) If you eat only raw meat and drink only Kool-Aid, all your health problems will be solved.

6) What should you do if you think someone has posted something inappropriate?

a) Post a reply that will start a flame war
b) PM or email me a link to the thread
c) PM the person and cuss them out
d) Leave the board in disgust

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